ISI Rentas deploys Serious Labs MEWP simulator for leading-edge assessment and training


Serious Labs is pleased to announce the deployment of another Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator—this time to ISI Rentas, a leading rental company in Mexico.

The MEWP VR Simulator is an all-in-one tool for assessment, training, and certification that enables operators to work more safely, efficiently, and confidently. With realistic motion and controls for boom, slab, and rough-terrain scissor MEWPs, it provides powerful scenario-based learning and actionable reports to guide skills development and work assignments. The simulator’s Spanish language localization will support ISI Rentas; other languages include English, French, and German.

“ISI Rentas is a leading rental company in Mexico, and we also lead as a professional training provider,” said Eduardo Rodriguez, Commercial Director at ISI Rentas. “We are the first active member of the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) with e-learning in Mexico, and we are now proud to offer seminars with this cutting-edge simulator for aerial equipment platforms training.”

In addition to assessment and training, leading industry associations—including the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) and Energy Safety Canada (ESC)—have approved the MEWP VR Simulator to deliver operator certification in a simulated environment. The simulator can measure operator behaviors much more accurately compared to traditional assessment methods, and training leaders around the world are increasingly recognizing the cost and time savings it can achieve.

“Rental leaders like ISI Rentas play a vital role in providing only equipment, but effective training so that machine operators can work safely and efficiently,” said Jim Colvin, CEO of Serious Labs. “With their new simulator, they’ll be able to offer in-depth assessment, training, and reporting for all of their trainees. We’ve seen time and again how that higher level of operator performance translates to success on the job site.”

Serious Labs, which has deployed MEWP and crane simulators in 17 countries around the world, looks forward to supporting ISI Rentas as they bring the MEWP VR Simulator’s benefits to their customers.