Safety Through Training,
Training Through Technology

Serious Labs is an award-winning technology company that develops virtual reality (VR) training solutions for the global heavy equipment industry.

We offer companies a significant competitive advantage in the form of safe and accessible training, quick and convenient setup, and objective machine assessment. With industry-tailored and advanced certification content, Serious Labs’ mission is to provide your work force with the tools they need to get home safely each day.

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Core Purpose

To Revolutionize the Way People Learn


Today, you can find our Simulators around the world.

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Everyone has been really impressed with the Virtual Reality training. Cutting edge and current. Serious Labs has been beyond excellent to work with. Great company, great product.
Ingrid Montpetit
Operations Learning Leader / Dow
The new technology looks and feels fantastic; it is very close to reality. I can see this being a great step forward in the training of new operators and further skills improvement for the experienced operator.
Neil Hancox
Director of Health and Safety / Align Joint Venture