Improve worksite safety, efficiency, and confidence

Our award-winning simulators are 97% predictive of actual operator skills, allowing users to build competency and even earn credentials – all in convenient, risk-free virtual reality. With in-depth data on each operator, we make it easy to manage training, job site risks, and work assignments.

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How we do it

We combine proprietary simulation software with real machine controls to create an immersive, realistic experience. our simulators are among the most portable and affordable in the industry, while our advanced motion systems maximize comfort so users can focus on what matters most – safe, efficient work.

Why it works

Simulator training is hands-on and teaches fundamentals, advanced skills, and high-risk scenarios. Thanks to feedback motion base technology, simulators can even create the feeling of being on actual equipment — but without the risk of injury or equipment damage with live equipment training.

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Our Products

Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) VR Simulator

Crane VR Simulator

Our Users

Our Users
Everyone has been really impressed with the Virtual Reality training. Cutting edge and current. Serious Labs has been beyond excellent to work with. Great company, great product.
Ingrid Montpetit
Operations Learning Leader / Dow
The new technology looks and feels fantastic; it is very close to reality. I can see this being a great step forward in the training of new operators and further skills improvement for the experienced operator.
Neil Hancox
Director of Health and Safety / Align Joint Venture

How can our simulators help make your workplace safer and more efficient? Our friendly team will work to understand your needs and create a package that brings this groundbreaking technology to you at an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more and set up a virtual demo.